Dr Adnan Bayyat

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Knowledge Exchange Fellow

Adnan is a British-Jordanian designer, educator, and academic. He holds a PhD in Education from the University of Sheffield. His ethnographic action research is grounded in critical disability studies, with a particular emphasis on realising equity and inclusion in mathematics education through creative and transformative pedagogical approaches. An erstwhile fashion designer, Adnan also holds a Masters in Fashion Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Salford. His current research centres on an interdisciplinary collaboration, employing critical discourse analysis to investigate the role of gendered phenomena within procurement documents and the implications for equality.

In his capacity as Knowledge Exchange Fellow for Salford Business School, Adnan plays a crucial role in mapping and managing the school’s evolving ecosystem. He is committed to fostering a vibrant research culture and acts as a bridge between academia and industry, facilitating engagement and collaboration. His work involves horizon scanning for new opportunities, making complex research findings accessible, and supporting colleagues to co-develop research-informed solutions that enable businesses to innovate and grow sustainably. Adnan is involved in developing training programs and mentoring colleagues, further contributing to the academic and professional growth within the school.

Areas of Research

Critical Disability Studies | Education Policy & Politics | Gender | Equity & Inclusion | Qualitative Methodologies

Email: A.K.Bayyat1@salford.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Adnan Bayyat, PhD | LinkedIn