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Welcome to the Affiliate Zone, where academic excellence meets real-world impact!

Aspiring to bridge the gap between academia and industry, our Affiliate Zone is a dynamic space designed for visionary academic partners seeking to elevate their professional journey.

Join us and unlock a myriad of opportunities for your Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Gain invaluable insights from industry experts, and immerse yourself in practical, real-world experiences.

This dedicated community not only offers a stage for showcasing your academic papers, research, and work with your peer but also connects you with an engaged business audience eager to explore and collaborate. Embrace a collaborative space where knowledge meets application and let your academic prowess shine in a vibrant community committed to fostering meaningful connections between academia and the business world.

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Meet our current affiliate members

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Become an affiliate member of the CSI and chart your course towards impactful collaboration and professional growth.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to become a member by emailing us with your answers to the questions provided in this pre-populated email:

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