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What is it?

The Centre for Digital Innovation (CDI) is a programme funded through the nationwide £100m Government Innovation Accelerator.

The consortium is delivering initiatives for North West region’s businesses, who are able to access expert knowledge, research and facilities to develop new products and technologies, create new supply chains, build collaborations and to train their staff. 

The CDI aims to create a supercluster of digital innovation, expertise and skills development for the region to become a beacon in the UK for digital innovation.

What do we offer?

Know Digital

Know Digital is Salford University’s fully funded digital skills platform that aims to support the uplift in skills across the region. It provides 24/7 access and removes barriers to skill development in under represented areas across Greater Manchester and the UK.

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As part of the CDI project, the University of Salford has built an online digital skills platform called Know Digital. This platform is aimed at business leaders who are interested in learning how technology can enhance their business or individuals who want to learn new digital skills to enhance their current role, enhance their career development or simply want to learn new skills.   

The content includes fundamentals of cyber security, how to exploit artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning, gain an understanding of how immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality can enhance innovation or provide competitive advantage and exploring how digitalisation can enhance the industrial workplace.

The platform will also delve into topics such as leading digital transformation, project management, change management and personal branding.  

Technical Assists

Need technical advice and support with your business idea or product?

The Tech Assist service offered via the CDI provides expert support to help businesses turn their ideas into a reality. Our expert team will work with you to complete a project scoping document which will be submitted to the CDI Tech panel for review – If approved you will be assigned to relevant experts who can provide dedicated support for up to 3 months.

To find out more about the CDI Tech Assist Programme and how to submit an application get in touch bellow:

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