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Workshops and Networking Events at the CSI.

Affiliate and Industry lead workshops designed to fuel your continuous professional development (CPD).

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Bringing academics from across The University of Salford and the North West together with business leaders and industry experts to create meaningful partnerships that support the regional and national economic landscape.

Open to:

  • All Salford University academic staff and research fellows.
  • Professional Services staff and academic partners.
  • University Alumni, postgraduates & PHD students.
  • Academics and research fellows from across the UK.

Up-coming workshops

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Benefits of Interdisciplinary Working

Lead by Prof Mandy Parkinson and Keith Millar, hosted at The CSI on Wednesday 12th of June from 1pm – 4pm, lunch included.

Why collaborate? Inter-disciplinary partnership the good and the bad.

Professor Keith Miller (UCLAN) and Professor Mandy Parkinson (SBS) will deliver an interactive workshop to facilitate multi-disciplinary projects.

Having successfully secured circa £16 million of KE funding together, they will share their experience of building large scale multi disciplinary consortiums such as: GM Cyber Foundry, GM AI Foundry and Centre for Digital Innovation- providing participants with the top tips for success.

This workshop is targeted at academic colleagues across the University who want to maximise success in securing research and knowledge exchange funding to deliver successful consortium projects.

Event information upon request here:

people gathered in the CSI

Emmbedding Change into the Curriculum

Lead by Dr Ann Mulhaney our very own change management expert, hosted at The CSI Dates TBC July. Lunch included.

Event information upon request here:

Past workshops.

How to Commercialise Your Research.

Join us for lunch and learn how you can commercialise your research and put it to use in the business world.

Lead by Paul Cihlar, this Affiliate Workshop at the Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) offers an invaluable opportunity for University of Salford (UoS) academics to bridge the gap between their research endeavors and the practical needs of businesses and industries. Through insightful discussions, current case studies, and presentations from spin-out companies, attendees gain crucial insights into the commercialization of research and intellectual property (IP).

By understanding how to effectively translate their academic expertise into real-world solutions, academics can not only further their careers but also drive tangible impact on the regional and national economic landscape.

These workshops serve as a catalyst for fostering meaningful collaborations between academia and industry, ultimately contributing to sustainable innovation and economic growth.