North West Cyber Security Connect for Commercialisation (NW CyberCom)

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Unlocking Cyber Security Potential with NW CyberCom

The University of Salford and the Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) are proud partners in the £1.2 million NW CyberCom project, led by Lancaster University.

What is it?

This initiative aims to harness the cyber security potential of the North West, fostering innovation, collaboration, and protection for consumers, businesses, and UK infrastructure.

Supported by Research England’s Connecting Capability Fund (CCF), NW CyberCom brings together six partner universities, including Lancaster University and the University of Salford, to capture cutting-edge cyber security innovations. Through partnerships with entrepreneurs, investors, government, and businesses, we aim to transform knowledge into innovative products, services, and policies.

With Plexal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and CRSI as key collaborators, NW CyberCom will establish an innovation ecosystem across the North West Cyber Corridor. Leveraging partnerships with the National Cyber Force and GCHQ, we’ll provide bespoke training for university researchers, maximizing commercialisation opportunities.

Our ecosystem fosters sustained research commercialisation, uniting industry, innovation, universities, and investment to drive growth. Together, we’re positioning the North West as a premier destination for cyber investment, offering access to cutting-edge technology and expertise.

This initiative reinforces the North West Cyber Corridor’s momentum and highlights the region’s significance in national cyber security, especially with the National Cyber Force’s relocation to Lancashire.

Join us in shaping a safer and more innovative cyber landscape!

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