Thomas O’Shea

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Complex Systems Modelling Expert

As a University Fellow specialising in Complex Systems Modeling at the University of Salford’s ThinkLab, Tom boasts a rich background in academic research, teaching, and industry consulting. His expertise spans engineering, environmental sustainability, and urban development in the face of a changing climate. Tom excels in efficiently designing and managing projects, employing a unique blend of complex systems modeling and applied social theory. This approach has yielded sustainable adaptation strategies and policy interventions communicated globally, improving livelihoods by mitigating multidimensional risks in our dynamic global environment.

In recent endeavors, Tom has advanced these strategies by integrating co-creative methodologies with automation, leveraging Machine Learning and AI for enhanced decision-making in Disaster Risk Reduction and economic growth strategies in developing nations. Committed to collaboration and outreach, he actively diversifies his technical expertise, fostering a transboundary professional and academic background that ensures inclusive choice, growth, and progress for all in the evolving world of tomorrow


LinkedIn: Thomas O’Shea | LinkedIn

Publications and Academic works:

Supporting climate-resilient urban planning: 10 lessons from cities in southern Africa (2023).

Advancing operational flood forecasting, early warning and risk management with new emerging science: Gaps, opportunities and barriers in Kenya (2023).

The shape-shifting form of UK floodplains: Fusing analysis of the territorially constructed with analysis of natural terrain processes (2023).

Testing the impact of direct and indirect flood warnings on population behaviour using an agent-based model, (2020).

Urban flooding in Britain: an approach to comparing ancient and contemporary flood exposure, (2020).