Roozbeh Naemi

Professor in Rehabilitation and Assistive Tech

Roozbeh is a Professor in Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology at the University of Salford, he brings a wealth of expertise in clinical research and interdisciplinary education, spanning mechanical and biomedical engineering, and biomechanics. As a Chartered Scientist and Engineer, he actively contributes to professional societies and serves as an editorial panel member for international journals. Roozbeh’s research interests range from soft tissue biomechanics to AI applications in biomechanics and human movement analysis, with notable contributions in viscoelasticity imaging, computational modeling, and tissue microcirculation.

His primary focus lies in developing clinically viable biomechanical assessments for diabetic foot disease prognosis, alongside a keen interest in leveraging big health data for predictive modeling and collaborating on healthcare, medical, and rehabilitation technology projects.


Work Tribe: Roozbeh Naemi