Emily Whitehead

Emily outside in the garden holding a cup of tea, smiling at camera.

Help to Grow: Management Course Consultant.

Emily is a seasoned business consultant, trainer, and executive coach specializing in brand development, strategic marketing, and sustainability across the UK. With extensive commercial experience, she is completing a postgrad qualification alongside her consultancy work. Over the past two decades, Emily has focused on improving business practices for people, places, and the planet. She collaborates with universities like Salford and Aston, delivering management and leadership programs with a focus on sustainability and growth. Currently, she’s spearheading a digital transformation program in Worcester and serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Staffordshire University, guiding students toward embracing entrepreneurship. Additionally, as an assessor for the Environmental Quality Mark, Emily aids businesses in achieving Net Zero goals by 2030.

Emily is driven by a passion to catalyze positive change, empowering individuals and businesses through innovative strategies, digital transformation, and sustainable practices. She actively engages in community initiatives, such as serving on a Chamber of Commerce Design Forum, to foster collaboration in designing better businesses and communities for the future.