Dr Viktoriia Myroniuk (MRAeS, FHEA) 

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Senior Lecturer in Aviation

Dr Viktoriia Myroniuk has seventeen years of teaching experience in air transport management in Ukraine, South Korea and the UK. She is a postdoctoral alumnus of Fulbright (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA) and Erasmus Mundus (Technological University Dublin, Ireland). Currently she is a Senior Lecturer in Aviation and a Programme Leader for MSc Sustainable Air Transport Operations and Planning. Her main areas of interest include but are not limited to: airline and airport ESG and sustainability reporting; the UN Sustainable Development Goals and air transport; sustainable aircraft designs and technologies; inflight health and wellbeing of passengers and employees; sustainable aviation fuels; air transport participation in wildlife conservation projects and community engagement; air transport workforce equity, diversity and inclusion; sustainable advanced air mobility; airport noise and emissions, and mitigating measures; sustainable airport land use; airport biodiversity preservation and wildlife hazard management; sustainable airport ground access; sustainable airport terminal design; airport water and waste management; sustainable ramp handling operations and ground support equipment; climate impact on airport infrastructure and operations; human and wildlife trafficking and mitigating measures taken by air transport; sustainable airline catering and cabin waste management; air transport facilitation of humanitarian and disaster assistance.

Email: V.Myroniuk@salford.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Victoria Myroniuk 🇺🇦 | LinkedIn