Dr Marta Camps Santasmasas

Computational and Applied Physics, Aerospace Specialist.

Marta has been working on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and renewable energy since 2010 both in academic and industrial settings. Marta’s work focuses on the development of a real-time CFD solver that couples fast, high accuracy simulation of small regions with slower, lower accuracy models for very large domains; intended to facilitate efficient and detailed analysis for atmospheric modelling. She is also the lead developer for the GASCANS software suit, a GPU accelerated lattice-Boltzmann solver for turbulent flows. Marta is an advocate for collaborative software development and software sustainability; GASCANS is shared and collaboratively developed by different members of Marta’s research group, including both academics and PhD students. She also is actively involved in teaching, leading modules in the Aeronautical Engineering degrees and co-leading the MSc in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Salford. As part of her teaching, she designs and delivers learning activities with a focus on student learning and engagement. Marta graduated from Universitat Politecinca de Catalunya with a Masters degree in Computational and Applied Physics and a Batchelors in Aeronautical Engineering. She subsequently worked as a research engineer for Normawind, using CFD modelling to optimise wind turbine generators layouts in complex terrains, and as an urban atmospheric modeller for CHAM, and industrial CFD consultancy prior to starting her PhD at the University of Manchester and continuing to develop her career as a Lecturer at the University of Salford. Marta is also passionate about video games and programming, having obtained a Postgraduate degree in Video Game Design and Programming from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She is also a STEM outreach enthusiast, regularly organising and participating in events such as ‘a Pint of Science’, Big Engineering, 3 Minute thesis competition, BlueDot Festival…

Email: M.CampsSantasmasas@salford.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Marta Camps Santasmasas