Dr Alejandra Diaz De Rienzo

Biotechnology Expert

With over a decade of practical experience in microbial technology, biochemistry, biotechnology, and environmental engineering, Dr Alejandra’s research focus spans a broad, cross-disciplinary spectrum. As a Lecturer in Biomedicine along with Athena Swan (co) Lead, Alejandra is dedicated to exploring the microbial production of biosurfactants and the application of natural products for pharmaceutical and environmental purposes. Her current role aims to bridge industry interests with academic support, fostering the development of cost-effective platform technologies to address societal challenges. This involves fermentative production of novel molecules, biofilm disruptors, and machine learning-driven approaches, emphasising the importance of gender diversity for a more inclusive environment. Furthermore, her research led teaching in Business & Enterprise integrates brewery activities into academic offerings, facilitating knowledge exchange with the sector through student-led lab facilities and partnerships with commercial microbreweries like Lark Hill. Parallel efforts involve cultivating relationships with business innovation services to provide high-quality research services and engage with industrial partners.

Email: M.A.DiazDeRienzo@salford.ac.uk

Worktribe profile: Dr Alejandra Diaz De Rienzo (worktribe.com)