Andrew Morris

HSE Consultant

Andrew Morris is a Health, Safety, and Environmental & Process Safety Consultant, Apps Advisor, and QSHE Auditor with a keen interest in innovation in sustainability. Currently in the fifth year of his PhD journey at the Business School. Andrew is involved in GRI Asia meetings and group discussions and actively engaged in several impactful projects.

Andrew’s focus lies on driving innovation and change in companies across the Asia Pacific region, particularly in India.

He is working on Supply Chain Management (SCM), Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and Sustainability Apps aimed at revolutionising corporate practices. Additionally, he has spearheaded a second-stage recovery plan for a modified starch producer’s wastewater treatment plant in a challenging environment with limited land and power supply. With a remarkable track record, Andrew has a history of groundbreaking achievements. Notably, he pioneered the construction of the first modified tapioca starch plant in Thailand in 1994, incorporating innovative wastewater management techniques. During his tenure as Henkel KGaG Regional HSE Director from 2008-2013, Andrew led a regional innovation plan resulting in substantial waste, energy, and water savings across 40 sites, totaling over 5 million Euros annually. In 2018 carried out the process safety assessments for the first Black soldier Fly Larval Protein plant in South Africa consuming 250 metric tons/day of Food waste. Andrew was the HSE lead in DSM-Firmenich’s 2019 Greenfield Flavor Plant in Jiangsu, China with zero effluent discharge. Andrew’s dedication to sustainability and innovation continues to drive impactful change in diverse settings


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