Aaron Robertson

Profile of Aaron Robertson in blue suit.

Lecturer in Housing and Construction Supply Chains.

Aaron is a lecturer in Supply Chains, Logistics and Project Management at Salford Business School. Aaron has a strong background in engineering and process development having worked in motorsport and automotive design, where he has supported several championship winning teams.  He is an experienced project manager having lead on a range of multi-million-pound global projects for both Industry and academia.  These projects championed the development and integration of emerging technologies to reduce pressure on UK supply chains post Brexit and Covid-19

His research at Salford focuses on housing, exploring strategic management and systems integration of new build housing supply chains to improve volume, quality and support policy generation. This includes development of the housebuilding research hub that collaborates across the university and with local government.

Worktribe: https://salford-repository.worktribe.com/person/1178321/aaron-robertson

Email: A.D.Robertson@salford.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Aaron Robertson