Dr Silvia Tedesco

Associate Professor for Sustainability

Dr Silvia Tedesco is the Associate Professor for Sustainability at the Salford Business School’s Centre for Sustainable Innovation. Silvia has a >10 year academic background with extensive scientific research focused on using biomass and waste organic materials to produce the energy, fuels, and chemicals for which we are currently over-reliant on non-renewable resources.  Silvia is an active member of the BBSRC’s Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBBs): EBnet, BBNet and HVB.  Her research has also featured significant involvement with SMEs, having collaborated with companies in Ireland, Italy and the UK. She has secured grants from a number of bodies in the UK and Ireland (e.g. Science Foundation Ireland, BBSRC, Innovate UK, EPSRC via SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub) and she is keen to collaborate on grant proposal submissions to further advance the art in biomass and waste conversion and valorisation using circular and decarbonising approaches.

Email: S.Tedesco1@salford.ac.uk

LinkedIn: Silvia Tedesco